In 2019, we saw a decade of television close out with reboots of reality TV shows like Australia’s Got Talent, The Amazing Race, Dancing With The Stars and the first outings of some amazing new shows that we never knew we needed …Lego Masters anyone? Here are the shows that made a mark on me in 2019.

Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars has always been a personal favourite of mine so I was super excited (probably along with a bunch of people over the age of 55) to see it make a comeback this year. Courtney Act was crazy good, Denise Scott provided loads of fun (for the time she lasted in the competition) but let’s be honest, most of us were just there for Curtley Ambrose’s moves. 

Curtley Ambrose Dancing on Dancing With The Stars

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race Runaway Camels Nick and Femi

After a few years on the shelf, Channel 10 decided to pick up and run with the iconic format and I was happy to see this back on the TV. The episode with the out of control camels was the highlight of the season and any time the nurses, Nick and Femi were on the screen getting themselves lost.

Team Nick and Femi The Amazing Race
Source: The Amazing Race Australia / Network 10

The Masked Singer

The most bizarre concept for television but it worked…and now I feel like all Karaoke should be sung in the style of The Masked Singer. Also, I don’t know how Lindsay Lohan ended up on our screens judging an anonymous celebrity talent show…but I’m here for it.

The Masked Singer Australia.jpeg
Source: The Masked Singer / Network 10


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more controversial in 2018…it did. The season of 2019 brought the carnage to a whole new level. Virgins became not-so virgins, cheating scandals went next level and then there was all the times Cyrell was in the same room with Martha. Eek!


MAFS Cyrell and Martha Having Argument While Martha Wears Beauty Face Mask
Source: MAFS / Nine Network


Lego Masters

Grown men (and women) building things out of Lego. I mean the show took the piss out of itself and the idea of reality TV but was still a very entertaining reality show in it’s own right. Genius. 


Lego Masters Winning Team with Hamish Blake and Brickman
Source: Lego Masters Australia / Nine Network


Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders Chapter 2

The best season of Survivor we’ve seen so far with amazing gameplay and some pretty epic players…I may be biased when it comes to Survivor but you can’t argue with a season where the fourth-place finisher, Luke Toki, is so universally loved that he ends up receiving over 500k from a GoFundMe that was set up by a fan in the space of days after his devastating elimination aired. Yewwww!

Australian Survivor Champions Vs Contenders 2 Luke's Torch Getting Snuffed By Jonathan
Source: Australian Survivor / Network 10

What were you watching in 2019? Let me know in the comments section what you thought should have made the list.

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