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Hayley Ferguson (Nee Dunn)

Interview With Editor, Karen Crespo

On the Beyond Reality podcast, I chatted with award-winning editor, Karen Crespo, who has been responsible crafting some of the most memorable moments on our favourite shows such as Masterchef, Australian Survivor and Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds. I found out about Karen’s early beginnings in TV and how her creative style and ability to carve out emotional moments became renowned in the industry. You can read an excerpt of our chat below.

Interview with Executive Producer, David Forster

I kicked off a brand new series of the Beyond Reality podcast by chatting with Executive Producer, David Forster. I find about David's journey into television and the moments along the way that led him to his ultimate rise to the top job on Masterchef Australia and Australian Survivor.

Beyond Reality Podcast: Bonus Episode – Television Mentoring Initiatives

As part of a Beyond Reality collaboration, I was asked to be a panelist for a The Production Portal webinar. I joined host Emma Ritchie along with Bloomtime Media’s, Yana Groves and Laura Young from Coordimate for a panel discussion about Industry Mentoring Initiatives in television.

Interview With Supervising Producer, Katie Horbury

As part of the Beyond Reality interview series, I interviewed Supervising Producer, Katie Horbury who carved out her TV career in the UK before moving to the US and finding further success there. She shares her stories of growing up in... Continue Reading →

Special Announcement: The Production Portal Commence Unscripted TV and Wellness Workshops

Our friends at The Production Portal, a Film + TV website and social community, founded by Chantelle Mercieca (Ex Unscripted TV), have some exciting news to share with the Beyond Reality community.

What Is A Challenge Producer In Reality TV?

A challenge producer in reality TV, is part of the editorial team. They are responsible for coming up with challenge ideas and then making them happen.

The Reality Of Burnout In The TV Industry

In a Beyond Reality collaboration, Sarah Chang, Freelance Line Producer and Co Founder of The Production Portal, has written about her experiences, in a post to shine a light on the realities of burnout in the television industry.

Interview with Executive Producer of ‘Floor Is Lava’ and President of A. Smith and Co. Productions, Frank Sinton

As part of the Beyond Reality interview series, I sat down with Frank Sinton, Executive Producer of 'Floor Is Lava' and President of A. Smith Co. Productions to talk about the launch of series 2 of the hit show on Netflix.

Why Starting Out In TV Is Like Playing Survivor: 10 Tips For Getting Your First Job In TV

Starting out in television when you don’t have any industry contacts can feel a bit like the TV show Survivor…except you’re trying to work your way into an alliance before you’ve even landed on the island. I’ve taken some inspiration from the granddaddy of reality TV, Survivor and put together my 2 cents worth of advice to help you outwit, outplay and outlast the rest so you can make it in TV…

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