TV is a fast-paced industry and when people ask for something…they tend to want it NOW! When it comes to entry-level roles in television, there is always going to be lots of competition, and if you don’t act fast, then someone else will be there to take your job! You might be in the field working a long day, when you get an email requesting to send your CV. You won’t know how many other people will have received an email just like that, so why not give yourself the best chance for success by responding that day?

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Entry-level jobs are super competitive in TV

I recommend always having your CV up to date and saved on your phone so that you can flick it on at any time. This is exactly what happened to me and how I landed my first full-time role in TV, as a location assist. It was coming to the end of a production, where I was working as a casual runner, and a production coordinator had put me forward for a role on The Celebrity Apprentice. The runners I was working with pushed me to respond straight away, while we were on a crew break, rather than waiting until after my shift (which wouldn’t have been until 1am). I responded on the spot and was invited in for an interview within hours of sending my CV. Obviously, the recommendation stood me in good stead to start with, and I will never know whether the timing of my email helped land me the interview BUT I will always be thankful to the runners that made me respond then and there, because MAYBE that was the difference that led to me being given my first real opportunity in the industry. 

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When someone wants your CV but it’s not updated

Here’s the caveat though, if your CV is not up to date when you are contacted about a job, then it’s more important that you take the time to amend your CV before emailing it to a potential employer. Sending on a CV that is not up to date and doesn’t include all of your experience, won’t do you any favours – especially when you’re new to TV and every credit matters.

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Who doesn’t want to be ahead of the pack?

In the scheme of things, having your CV up to date is the easiest way to be a step ahead in the freelance world and when you’ve been on your feet for 10 hours on a TV set, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is racing home to revise your CV!


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